Grade Breakdown:

The instructor will contact you within the first few weeks of classes to warn students whose classroom performance is unsatisfactory.  An unsatisfactory mid-semester report will also be submitted for anyone with a grade of D or below on work completed at that time. Below is the grade breakdown:

  • Class Participation—20% (includes Introductory Presentation)
  • Classroom Discussion Facilitation—20%
  • Reflection Blogs—10%
  • Sexuality/Gender Map Project—20%
    • Map Points (30%)
    • Workshop Presentations (30%)
    • Final Presentation (40%)
  • Final Essay—30%

Grading Rationale:

Academic performance is rated according to the following system:

A           4.00 quality points—Excellent

A-          3.70 quality points

B+         3.30 quality points

B           3.00 quality points—Commendable

B-          2.70 quality points

C+         2.30 quality points

C           2.00 quality points—Acceptable

C-          1.70 quality points

D+         1.30 quality points

D           1.00 quality points—Marginal

F            0.00 quality points—Failure