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This reading is about marraiges of interracial couples between a black man and a white woman and the challenged they faced. Chapter 2 mainly focused on Nell and Charles. It focuses on how this marriage blurred the line between what is considered a servant and a slave and whether or not their descendants were salves or not as their children were born until after the law that declares freedom on the mother side. Chapter 3 begins with talking about “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which I never read, I just know the memes about it. It uses an incident that occurred in the book to talk about the case of Polly and Jim where Polly accused Jim of r*pe. This chapter showed that a baby was an indicator of whteher r*pe occurred or not and how these cases were not always taken with little violence like Jim’s. The tiny bit of chapter 6 we see is about how sex between white women and black men became a national political issue. Chapter 7 focused on politics, but mostly focusing on how the KKK violence affected interracial couples. Chapter 8 focuses on the death punishment of lynching and ow it escalated. The little of the epilogue we see talks about W. E. B. Du Bois importance to interracial couples and the idea of how the violence they faced was a recent phenomenon with a history.

I thought this reading was super interesting, especially when it came to interracial marriage in the 17th/18th century that were talked about in Chapter 2. I think it was just messed up to force the white women who were married to black men to either become servants or make their years of servatude longer, nut also usually when I think of these times, I tend to think of the fact that we are mostly taught that a black man was killed for being with a white woman and the woman is punished. I think a good media that showed this was the movie “Holes”. Right, ignoring Stanley and Zero’s plot line, the plot line of Sam and Katherine is more important. At the time of Katherine and Sam, it was illegal for a black man to kiss a white woman, Katherine and Sam share a kiss because they are in love with each other. When the town finds out because of Charles, who is literally the worst, the burn down the school as punishment and killed Sam in front of her, then the whole Kissing Kate plot beings. The reason why I bring up this movie is because I feel like we are always taught that, during this time, there is some terrible form of punishment that is always towards the black man (until the other chapter that seem to take place at later times like the lynching in chapter 8). Other thing that was interesting was the topic of figuring out if Nell’s descendants were to be free or not. As said in the summary, Nell’s children were born after the law that declares freedom to be on the mother side came to be, so in turn, since Nell was not a slave, but a servant, then her children were born free. This was not brought into light till her grandchildren went to a court. I makes me sad that not only were Nell’s children who were slaves were supposed to be free, but also the grandson of Boarman tried to keep Nell’s grandchildren as slaves. It makes me happy that the documents were burn in a fire and they went by witness testimonies because who knows what those documents about Nelly said because at that point, the lines of servant and slave were blurred. The rest of the chapters hurt to read so I will not be talking about them because there was a lot of death and violence that I honestly cannot put into words on how much it hurts to read as there were a wide variety of sexual assault, false allegations, violence faced on people for being in love, etc.