White Women, Black Men blog post

In the book White Women, Black Men by Martha Hodes, we saw the history of interracial couples and how they were treated dating back to the 1680’s. We see how gender, race, and class again intersect this time in terms of an interracial relationship with white women and black men. We see two different scenarios of two very different types of “relationships” in the book. The first is between Nell and Charles, who is a slave. In the 1600’s and even today to an extent, interracial couples of white women and black men were/are seen as an issue. If a white women were to marry a black, enslaved man, the children of the parents would then be enslaved too. We then get introduced to a case of Ida Abercrombie and Peter Stamps in the late 1800’s, post Civil War and obviously post- emancipation. I found it very interesting how we saw the the transition of the liaisons and there interracial relationships as being a local, town-like issue to then after the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, we saw these so called “issues” of interracial relationships become more politicized.

Personally, I found the text regarding how the KKK would target these interracial couples and attack them and even conduct public lynchings to use support the title of a previous reading, Angry White Men. The members of the KKK probably conducted these public lynchings to show the power and ability the White Male had in this era. This also stood out to me because my best friend growing up and still today is a child of a white mother and a black father. He and his brothers have been racially abused and racially profiled many times while we’ve been together and his parents have even been called terrible names by other parents of opposing soccer teams growing up. The concept that I mentioned before of how families of interracial couples are still being verbally and even physically abused is still occurring, is absolutely disgusting.