“Asian American Sexual Politics”

This text summarizes the discrimination Asian Americans face with gender, race, and sexuality. The author discusses how racist ideology is passed subconsciously through white culture and how most of the parents of Asian Americans want them to marry within their race. Asian American men are constantly questioned about their masculinity and have been “castrated” by being considered undesirable or unmarriable. Asian American women are seen as sexually available to white men and are often fetishized for docile personalities and smaller bodies.

I think this was a very good text to read now especially with the recent shooting in Atlanta and the activism that is going on. I also seen ties from this text to “Arresting Dress” with how Asian American men are seen as feminine and the women are over sexualized. In “Arresting Dress” Asian women were not allowed in migrate to the United States because they considered all Asian women to be sex workers. I can also see this oversexualized stereotype in movies like “Full Metal Jacket”. This movie come out in 1987 and is about the Vietnam War, but there is a part in this movie where the guy are joking about hooking up with the ladies that decided to stay back in their towns who were being suggestive toward the men. I bring this up because the text talked about how this apparently was a common thing for soldiers to have sexual relations with Asian women during the wars and this later led to many Asian women marrying white men. But I want to know were this all consensual actions? I bring this up because there was a part in the text where a mother made her daughter feel guilty about losing her virginity to her boyfriend and stayed with him because her mother made her believe that she had to.


(Sorry I am kind of rambling with this post)

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