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Asian American Sexual PoliticsĀ is yet another reading that focuses on the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality among a minority group, this time focusing on Asian Americans. This book has strong ties to previous readings we’ve done in this class including, Arresting Dress, Wannabes, Goths, and Christians, and even Angry White Men. We see the over sexualization of Asian Women by white males still to this day. Given the previous tragedy that happened in Atlanta, this idea of Asian women in America who work at massage businesses as being in the sex business is terrible. For Asian American men, the author immediately hit at the stereotypes of overly nerdy, and unsocial. The American Idol video the author mentioned is very popular and is a video that I have seen multiple times where the person or account posting the video was making fun of William Hung. The quote, “He was a perfect fit for the unflattering racial stereotype of the asexual, nerdy Asian American man” – page 1. The racial stereotype of Asian American men being uninterested in sexual activity and being overly nerdy is still present today.


I really liked this book after reading “Wannabes, Goths, and Christians” because we see this trend of non-white minority groups having to mimic their actions and change their “race, gender, and class” to benefit themselves and to obtain group unity. Today, Asian Americans are the most successful minority group in the United States in terms of success and income. This does come as a surprise to me after reading this book because I wasn’t fully aware of the stigmatization and intense racial abuse Asian Americans receive(ed). Asian Americans have faced a presence of being overly policed and controlled since the 1900’s, where we saw major egregious acts placed onto Asian Americans including quotas as well as internment camps for Japanese-Americans during WW2 because the US didn’t know if they could trust the Japanese-AMERICANS who were already living in the US at the time of the war.



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