Reading #7 Asian American Sexual Politics

The beginning discussion of the sexualization, objectification, and discrimination against Asian Americans is an interesting and still pertinent one, particularly with the shooting of Asian American women the other week, and the hate against Asian Americans that has been perpetuated as some people genuinely believe that COVID is their fault, and not something that no one had control over the development of. When the author talks about the 2004 American Idol collection of the most “talentless” performers, the sentence “He was a perfect fit for the unflattering racial stereotype of the asexual, nerdy Asian American man” is an illuminating one (1). It highlights the way that sex appeal is a very Euro-centric concept, both in 2004 and in 2021.

I appreciate the idea brought up that race needs to be involved in discussions of gender, sexuality, and sex. We talk about intersectionality a lot in class, specifically the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality, but we’ve only briefly touched on the way that race impacts sex itself outside of the double standards for men and women, and when we talked about Cardi B and ‘WAP’. Race impacts everything – being asexual isn’t easy, but being white makes my experience being ace very different from other people’s.

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