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The reading was about how the groups of wannabes, goths, and Christians are affected by gender, race, class, and sexuality. The introduction talks about how these groups are completely different in their own way, but the people in them are seeking acceptance. Focusing on goths, the research founds that most goths were considered ‘geeks’ in high school, but later became ‘freaks’ in their goth aesthetic. Focusing on Christians, the research found that they found their identities are found in God and their path. The author compared a goth’s ‘freakiness’ with a Christian’s ‘goodness’. ‘Goodness” and ‘freakiness’ are both identities that share similar importance to both of the groups they affect. While goths remake their identities into freaks, Christians create a distinct identity that is not related to the regular social system.

The readings were very interesting to me because I grew up in both goth and Christian communities. I definitely thought my identity was found in Christianity from my middle school years till my freshman year of high school, and at the same time, I was very interested in the complexities in the goth community. I thought it was very interesting to see the similarities of the wannabes (this was focused on in the introduction), goths, and Christianity. I would have never thought those three different communities could have had any similarities, but it was not unexpected to see their differences like the race that are present in the community. Personally, I would of never think of comparing these groups together, but reading the chapters, it is easy to see how much race, class, and gender affect these groups differently. For example, how goths tend to be white middle-class people, while Christians had more of a mixture with race.

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