Wannabes, Goths, and Christians

Young women want to be accepted in society. The author uses Goths, Evangelical Christians , and Wannabe Puerto Rican’s to relate to issues of gender, race, and class. Although these subcultures are very different, they all offer an identity to young adults. Goth and Chris being more about gender and wannabes are more about race. Since these topics are not mutually exclusive, it is common for young women to experience multiple of these constraints at once. The author argues that this is where sexuality is. This book is about “the ways young people use elements of subcultures to create individual and collective identities, and how they use those identities to solve problems” (3). I liked this reading because many young adults are looking for their identity and figuring out who they are as a person. Individuals can find and identify with subcultures that in turn help them get through the struggles of young adulthood.

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