“Sex Workers Unite”

“Sex Workers Unite” takes the reader through the history of sex work as well as topics such as the violence and harassment, activism, sex work as labor, and differences between 2nd and 3rd wave feminism. Sex work is seen through several different perspectives in this reading such as how the sex workers viewed themselves, how “straights” viewed them, and how the police viewed. Through the text you can even see how perspectives shift or change completely over time. Sex workers have been subjected to violence, harassment, and even killed. Most of the killings went unnoticed or exploited the individual for their “deviant” lifestyle, essentially blaming their death on their way of life. There have been serval laws decency laws and zoning laws passed as a way to censor the sex workers and push them out of major cities as a way to clean up the streets. Once sex work was able to be capitalized on many of the workers faced harsh working conditions and were severally underpaid. This led to many of the workers forming a union and demanding better pay and a better working environment. Sex workers still fight for the public to see sex work as real labor with help from different organizations and the 3rd wave feminism that promoted being sex positive. Slutwalks are a form of protest rape culture and victim blaming. These walks still happen today and the last big walk was in 2018.

I really enjoyed reading this text because I had very little knowledge on the history of sex work and how it came to be what it is today. I feel like there is still a lot that we can do to help protect sex workers from harsh working conditions and eliminate the stigma behind being a sex worker. I also feel like there is still a lot of stigma around women and LGBTQ+ with sex in general. I feel as though there is currently no healthy medium between women not allowed to like sex and oversexualizing women still in today’s media. A lot of women are still fighting to take back sex for women but with that comes people oversexualizing women for just being comfortable with their sex life or even with their body.

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