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The book, “Sex Workers Unite” by Melinda Chateauvert, outlines the history behind sex work. Sex work is defined immediately in the beginning of the book asĀ “sex workers are laborers who earn money to perform sexual services or who provide erotic entertainment to clients individually or collectively” (Chateauvert, 3). The author then goes on to explain the vast categories of “sex work”, being that of prostitution, porn stars, strippers, etc. The author focuses on the strict regulation and enforcement of sex work in the United States. The idea that prostitution is illegal in the United States today creates a presence of harm for people in these industries. The harm Chateauvert talks about at the time this book was written and the harm today are very different. With various new ways to access these various acts of sex workers, people in this industry are more and more harmed than ever. These workers are now harmed over the internet and the various apps or websites you can view these acts of sex work. After reading this book and doing more research, I found that Las Vegas has recently made prostitution legal in “highly regulated brothels”. For me, when I hear the word brothel, I immediately think of Little Finger from Game of Thrones. But why is it only legal in Las Vegas? Because this form of sex work can be capitalized on and be very profitable. This relates to “Arresting Dress” in the idea how cross-dressing was seen as acceptable in shows when people were profiting off of it, but was seen as frowned upon and was overly enforced on the streets, especially for minorities.

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