Sex Workers Unite

Sex Workers Unite is a book about how sex work has changed over the years and the implications of those changes. Acccoring to a 1990 statistic, one in every one hundred US women have done some sort of sex work. This is an interesting statistic considering it is from 1990. When one thinks about the technology developments since 1990, one can assume that sex work has increase and diversified. Women are now able to use sites like OnlyFans to promote their work and do not have to split their earnings with others except maybe a small portion to the site. With technological advances, sex workers are able to have more autonomy and say in their work. If sex work is better regulated, there should be less crime. Decriminization is necessary, but more steps have to be taken to make sex work less risky.

As someone interested in true crime, I have always known that sex workers are at increased risk for murder and rape. The police often do not take what happens to sex workers seriously and most crimes get swept under the rug, making the sex worker feel like they “asked for it”. Sex workers deserve the same treatment as other professions. Until sex work is monitored under the same agencies as non-sex businesses, evil people will continue to take advantage of sex workers. Even with increased acceptance of sex work, women of color and transgender workers are more likely to face punishment. Activism and fighting for more rights is necessary to make sex work safer.

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