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“Charity and Sylvia” by Cleves is a story about two women who become inseparable from each other and began a devoted union that lasted till death did them apart. Charity began with the mindset of never entering a marriage and Sylvia was a widow then they found each other and entered a union similar to marriage, though it was not accepted at the time. Unlike other same-sex unions, Charity and Sylvia were opened about their relationship, even their family members wrote about their relationship. Charity and Sylvia both wrote poems to each other about their love and Sylvia has pages of her journal that talked about the hardships of the “sin” she was going through. Though through the end, they stayed devoted to each other, and Sylvia was buried next to Charity, like a regular married couple at this time.

Charity and Sylvia’s story was one that was heartwarming but also sad to see the struggles they faced, especially when they both wrote about the “sins” they faced. I believe Charity and Sylvia are a great example of the LGBTQ+ community in history because they have all the written evidence that they were not just “really good friends”, but actually had a real and devoted relationship. There are a lot of figures in history that have same-sex relationships, but it is always talked up to be “just friends”, but it was practically impossible to say that about Charity and Sylvia. I believe their relationship help lead to a sort of acceptance at the time because they were opened about it and even treated like a married couple, evident by Sylvia being able to be buried next to Charity, like the wives they were.

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