Blog Post #2- Angry White Men

Michael Kimmel in his book, Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era, seeks to find the root of anger commonly felt amongst white men of varying ages. Through his research and interviews, Kimmel points to aggrieved entitlement as a common source behind this epidemic of animosity and malice. He defines this as the “Sense that those benefits to which you believed yourself entitled have been snatched away from you by unseen forces larger and more powerful”. While reading this I was taken aback because I have surely felt this feeling when I expected an outcome and was disappointed with the results. I think it’s a condition of human nature (and of privilege) to experience this feeling throughout life, but this has not turned me into an angry white man, so what am I missing? I may be lacking a few of the other key factors in the angry-white-male recipe that Kimmel also touches on, but it could be that I identify strongly with the early feminists Kimmel describes in Chapter 3 as managing their emotions in a way that they could feel angry on a multitude of levels and at multiple subjects, “but yet retrain their compassion for the not quite comparable, if parallel, experience of men”. This is what seems to set us apart, as Kimmel sheds light into the men’s liberationist perspective that points blame toward women for male oppression and suffering.

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