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This reading was definitely more difficult to read than the first reading we did. It definitely brought back experiences I have had with a certain student here on campus before he graduated. A lot of the book and the stories in the book are about white men in America who felt like they are not getting the things they “deserve” or that they are losing their rights because there is a shift in society to one that has more equality. For example, the first story of chapter 5 follows George Sodini and the shooting he committed that killed five women and injured 12 other women. The snippet of the blog posts that we read in the book brings a feeling that he had the idea of “if I do everything right, then I have to get sex from women”. It also brought the idea of a girlfriend being more of an accessory to a man than an actual person. This leads into another part of the book where Mr. Kimmel brought up the men who are in the “men’s activist group” that wants to go back in time with the progression women made towards equality. I agreed with Mr. Kimmel that it is important to get an understanding of these angry white men because it is a problem that needs to be fixed from the inside, but some of the issues that were brought up were issues that are larger than the white men. The book talks about a lot of issues that show are society molds a certain ideal for the angry white men in society. Yes, the angry white men issue needs to be fixed, but the social issues that mold these men need to be fixed before anything else.

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