“Angry White Men”

“Angry White Men” by Michael Kimmel looks into Trump’s followers, specifically white men. Kimmel interviewed these men about their place in society and uncovered their level of entitlement. I found it really interesting when Kimmel points out the common theme of the language they use. Things like “Make America Great Again” and “Take our Country Back”. The bottom line is they are afraid of losing their power and of change. They want America to stop progressing towards equality. These white men have a right to feel angry. As our society progresses towards equality, they are slowly stripped of the privilege that they have always known. However, they must sacrifice this power to create a better society. This is where the problem comes in, these groups that call themselves names like “Proud Boys” do not want to be vulnerable and give up power.

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  1. Actually, his book does not focus on Trump followers, but was written before Trump was elected. Make sure that your blog post demonstrates that you have done the reading. Check minus.

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