Reading #2 – Angry White Men

Angry White Men was an interesting read; Kimmel does a good job of framing the anger in a way that you can understand where it’s coming from and, indeed, you even feel some yourself at what’s been done to these people. In short, it makes you sympathize with them, at least a little. I also sympathize with the way that the anger – justified at its root – has been manipulated and turned toward people that don’t deserve it.

However. These are still people with critical thinking skills, and they have the ability to look around them, do research, etc. Their anger – justified as it may be – has been turned against people who don’t deserve to bear the brunt of that anger, and what these people do with that anger is still wholly under their control, and they still bear the responsibility of what they do with it. The Capitol riot of January 6th and, indeed, the entire Trump presidency was an exercise in what that anger looks like when enough people snap. While the roots of the anger may be justified, what has been done with it is not, and it’s been turned against the wrong people.

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  1. This post is more about your feelings, and less an explanation of what Kimmel is arguing. You need to do the latter to demonstrate that you have completed the reading. If you need models, look at other student posts that summarize each chapter. Check minus.

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