“Angry White Men”

In Michael Kimmel’s “Angry White Men”, the reader learns where white men’s hatred stems from and where it is often missed places. Reading this book made me extremely uncomfortable and angry at times. Right off the bat with reading the prologue, you really get to see that kind of men Kimmel sat down with to talk on the second page after one of them said the n-word. The overall sense I got from the book was that white men are angry because the US is becoming a move even playing field for the “others” and they are angry about this because they believe they are entitled to keep things the way that they are because it is not hurting them. They then take this anger and aggression and let it out onto the “others”. What made me uncomfortable about this book is that every chapter, at least the first couple, seemed to start with some kind of shooting because a white man had enough and “snapped”. I had a hard time with the chapter “Targeting Women” especially on pages 172 and 173 with the comments that were left under George Sodini’s website. The comments painted this man to be a hero and praised him for killing five women and leaving twelve injured after he opened fire on a fitness class. One comment even said “something like this has to happen, perhaps hundreds of times over again, before feminists get the message”

I remember at one point former president Donald Trump called these kinds of men “proud boys”. Is this kind of aggression what we really need to view as “proud”? These kinds of men are the same men that gunned down women and their sons gunned down their teachers and classmates. Is this really something we should just brush under the carpet like we have been for the past couple of decades?

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  1. Make sure that your blog posts are more of a summary of the reading and less about your feelings. I understand that the readings make you uncomfortable, but what is Kimmel trying to illustrate through data collection and interviews? Check minus.

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