Dear Ijeawele Post

Adichie’s book is a letter written to answer the question of her friend Ijeawele about how to raise her newborn daughter Chizalum to be a feminist. She writes a series of fifteen suggestions including to make sure that Ijeawele is a mother but also a “full person” who has her own ambitions outside of marriage and children, equal distribution of parenting, teaching critical thinking to Chizalum by teaching her to question language, proper sex education, and many others. She also says to beware Feminism Lite which still upholds male superiority and to not instill the idea of gender roles. Adichie also stresses the need for Chizalum “reject likeability” as it is something instilled in women and girls but not men and boys and instead follow one’s heart (36). Overall, Adichie stresses to Ijeawele the importance of allowing her daughter to be herself and not to submit to anyone.

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