Grade Breakdown: 

The instructor will contact your advisor and other administrators using Starfish within the first few weeks of classes to warn students whose classroom performance is unsatisfactory.  An unsatisfactory mid-semester report will also be submitted for anyone with a grade of D or below on work completed at that time. Below is the grade breakdown:

  • Class Participation—20% (includes Introductory Presentation)
  • Classroom Discussion Facilitation—10%
  • Reflection Blogs—10%
  • Sexuality/Gender Map Project—30%
    • Map Points (20%)
    • Informal Presentations (20%)
    • Finalized Map (30%)
    • Final Presentation (30%)
  • Final Essay—30%

Grading Rationale:

Academic performance is rated according to the following system:

A            4.00 quality points—Excellent

A-          3.70 quality points

B+          3.30 quality points

B            3.00 quality points—Commendable

B-          2.70 quality points

C+          2.30 quality points

C            2.00 quality points—Acceptable

C-           1.70 quality points

D+          1.30 quality points

D            1.00 quality points—Marginal

F            0.00 quality points—Failure

Honor Code:

The instructor believes that the Honor Code is an essential, positive component of the Mary Washington experience.  You should know that if you cheat or plagiarize in this class, you will be taken to the Honor Council.  So, do not do it.  On the other hand, I also believe that having friends or family read and comment on your writing can be extremely helpful and falls within the bounds of the Honor Code (assuming the writing itself remains yours).  If you have questions about these issues, then you should talk to me as soon as possible.


If a student receives services through the Office of Disability Resources and requires accommodations for this class, please make an appointment with the instructor as soon as possible to discuss his/her approved accommodation needs.  Bring the accommodation letter with you to the appointment.  The instructor will hold any information the student shares in the strictest confidence unless the student gives the instructor permission to do otherwise.  If a student needs accommodations (note taking assistance or extended time for tests), please consult with the Office of Disability Resources (x1266) about the appropriate documentation of a disability.