Initially when I started reading this book is was unsure how it related to the class, but the more I read it, I could see aspects of gender and sexuality. To be honest I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did because I’m not much of an alien book reader, but I found it very interesting and much easier to read than the last book. There are a few things I think are important to discuss. For starters when she first met Jdahya. When they first meet she asks him wither or not he is male or female, it does not occur to her that there might be more than one gender and I find that interesting because I did not think of that myself at first. Further, he claims its rude to assume male or female which is completely true and stayed with me throughout the duration of the book. Next I would like to talk about Nikanj. I’m not sure how I feel about calling Nikanj it. By calling Nikanj it, while it is it’s preferred pronouns, I feel like the author could have came up with something else because it, is so impersonal. Not to mention it make Nikanj seem more like an object than a living creature. Additionally, the three way relationship was interesting because I could not imagine having to juggle two partners, it seems emotionally complicated. Lastly, I was not cool with Nikanj impregnating Lilith. I had an issue with consent. In their world impregnating is intentional, so all parties involved should agree to the impregnating. I understand Nikanj didn’t have that much time, but consent is very important.