First of all I loved this book! It was by far the most entertaining read I have had all semester! Lilith Iyapo wakes up into a room of nothing to find out after several awakenings that the world as she knows it is at an end. She meets alien beings that are so horrendous it is mind-blowing. It takes her awhile to understand that these beings will mix genetically with her line, and humans in general to create a new race of mixed beings. She will have to become the “parent” of others she awakens and teaches so that they can survive back on Earth. Earth is drastically changed after like 250 yrs and they all must learn to get along and survive off ¬†of the new planet. There are some pretty racy sex scenes between Lilith, Joe and the Nakanj and you understand how the mixing of genetic material will now take place. Lilith is still a fighter and hopes to escape the fate she is facing once returning to Earth. She misses her chance when the people she has awoken betray her, kill Joe, and when one of them tries to kill the Oankali. They are taken to Earth without her and the one that commits murder is done!! I am definitely going to order the other books so I can find out what happens to our little alien family!!