Dawn by Octavia Butler

Dawn by Octavia Butler is the first of a collection of three. It’s chapter, in the third person, are dived into the sub stages on Lilith Iyapo’s developmen: WombFamily, Nursery. 

Lilith Iyapo is the main character of this sci-fy novel. awakening 250 years in a post nuclear holocaust type world aboard a(n) (Oankali) ship orbiting the Earth. The Oankali are an lien race that think humans are bad. They attempt to improve the race by joining up with other races; saving races by fulfilling their genetic survival by intermixing with other races. This book content is the majority of her sub consciousness. She has been recruited by the alien race to help transition those into the changing world around her.

–The Oankali’s way of life seems very Darwin-esque. Soon there wont be a “pure race” like Lilith’s or the Oankali’s: by becoming one, they both will survive. This sounds similar of slavery, internment camps, and colonization. Butler seems to be shedding light on the negativity she sees in humanity.

Lilith’s small sub-race has been “saved” by the Oankali from genocide after a racial groups threatens them.

— It is possible that this novel touches on feminist, antiracist, and African national list perspectives. Lilith is a strong-willed,smart, and independent character

–The central theme is the circumstance of a flaw in human nature. The flaw is written as possession of two conflicting characteristics: intelligence and a passion for hierarchy.

I have a hard time finding the drive to read science fiction type novels because, understanding the themes in such a creative and imaginary situation become more and more difficult.