The book we had to read was Dawn by Octavia E. Butler, and it was a lot different then what we have been reading . The majority of everything we have read this semester has been a work of nonfiction because they were discussing true events or had a historical context to them. The book Dawn is a work of fiction because of these events that take place within the book are not necessarily events that could happen, or certain aspects have been made up by the authors imagination.

The setting of this story is in modern times in the beginning but there has been nuclear warfare that has caused earth not to be safe for humans to live on anymore. There were a handful of people that were spared and taken by a group of aliens which brings out one of the fictional aspect to this book even though the survivors are unaware of this until later on in the story, and The rest of the story is taken in the future on the  captures  Spaceship

This book follows the character Lilth Iyapo who is an African American woman who lost her family in the  chaos.  When she awakes in the future she is in a white confined room confused and dazed as to what as happened or where she currently is. Over a course of about 200 years she is in and out of consciousness until she is finally awoken by who took her, and the “aliens” that took her are called oankail. The oankail that woke her was named Jdahya, and he tells her what happened and where she is. Jdahya also tell her that they are planing to repopulate earth because it is being reborn. Jdahya informs Lilth that she is going to train the others because they are the ones who will repopulate the world with the oankail. Lilth is given time to come out of her incloser to see the rest of the oankail and to understand them and to learn some of there ways.

She meets multiple members of this race while she is out learning what she needs to know. Just like she had to learn about the ways of the Oankail, she also had to teach and help an Oankail child transform into an adult and teach them about earth and everything they needed to know about how things worked.
Once Lilth is able to start waking people up she is cautious about who she wakes up first based off of gender. She knows the the news is not going to be taken well and this is the reason behind her choosing to awake a female first verse a male, also her choice has to do with the stereotypical power struggle among the genders.

Once everyone is awake and knows about what has happened and what is to come, of course like most people would react in this case there were those who did not agree with this, and this leads to conflicts among the group. Not only were the people who were awoken confused and weary of what was happening but just like the lack of trust they had for the oankail the people also felt the same way about Lilth.

Throughout the rest of the book it talks about the jorney of the humans and the oankail and also Lilth journey for equality among the races. Over all this was a good opening book to the series. With this being the first book in the series there really is no ending just a point to leave you hanging until the next book.  I’m not really into science fiction, but it did spike my curiosity enough that I want to finish the series.