We Should All Be Feminist

The term feminist is fairy new though the concept has been around for a while. From the text, We Should All Be Feminist, it is fair to say that a lot of people don’t have a clear meaning of the term or don’t truly grasp the concept of what a feminist is or what they stand for. A concept of feminism that is clearly established in the text is gender and the role society and one’s culture can have an effect on how one views gender and the roles that come with it. Society has a way of making men seems like they are better than women for the simple fact that they are men and because they are men they are stronger and there for more capable of completing task that require strength, intellect or a leadership type role. On the other hand, woman are not as capable enough to handle such tasks because we as women lack these traits, that we are more concerned about having “likable traits.” This novel was very informative and a lot of the authors point were accurate.

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  1. This is a good start, but in the future, I want you to be more specific with your blog posts and engage the reading more deeply.

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