We Should All Be Feminists

For this weeks reading, we read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This was an argued essay where she talked about the importance of feminism, why everyone should be one, and what being a feminist means. At the start of the essay she explained how friends and coworkers would give her a hard time when she called herself a feminist, saying that it wasn’t her culture or that being a feminist meant she couldn’t like lipstick or high heels. I really related to this section of the essay because that is what I originally thought feminism was and didn’t consider myself a feminist. It wasn’t until my roommate really explained to me what being a feminist means and this essay confirmed that I am a feminist. Many of the issues that she brought up were very relatable, especially when she described how she was treated in restaurants and clubs with her friends. It is so frustrating when one goes into a restaurant on a date and doesn’t get the same respect as the other person (for me, a man) who is with you. I agreed with her on all of her points. Boys and girls do need to be raised the same, their gender shouldn’t make a difference. Their gender should also not affect how they are treated later on in life. Over the summer, I was one of three women who worked in the Brickyard. With it being my second summer, I was expected to do and know more than the first year brick makers. This was fairly easy to do because I knew everything from the year before and I overall really enjoy the job. The big thing that was frustrating was how my male coworkers treated myself and the other women who worked there. As the summer went on it was apparent that one of the guys working did not respect women very much. If we got upset or annoyed about something, he would say, “Oh, she must be on her period.” He would also say that all men were stronger than all women – there were at least three times when I proved him wrong. I would move more bricks than him, shovel more shovels of clay, I would move bigger objects more often. I felt the need to prove him wrong and made sure to prove him wrong everyday. I didn’t just do it to be entertained, but so that way other women wouldn’t need to go through his constant speech about being better than women. At the end of the summer, he respected me more and would ask my opinion on things. I felt that he genuinely respected my opinions. I overall really enjoyed this argument essay, I found myself agreeing with every point she made. I hope that more people come in contact with this essay and start to see things from this side.

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